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Air to Air Heating and Cooling

Recool Ltd are suppliers of the Toshiba and Panansonic ranges of Air to Air Heating / Cooling systems

A really superb use for the law of thermodynamics, heating and cooling via an air source system is fast becoming one of the accepted ways of providing efficient heating and cooling to buildings or areas within a building. Providing nearly 4 to 1 energy efficiency, these systems make sense from every angle.

While popular, these systems need to be designed and sized correctly to give optimum results.

Choosing the right partner, who will offer a fully backed service contract is as important as choosing the right unit

We can offer the following key services to you in this area.

  1. Design and Consultation Service
  2. Supply and Installation Service
  3. Preventive Maintenance Contract
  4. FGAS Maintenance Certificate and Log

On-site Evaluation

Nationwide Cover

System Design and Planning

Recool Ltd can help you design and plan your installation, taking it from an idea to a fully functional system, while being flexible in approach and logical in its execution.

Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Recool Ltd will help you maintain your new system or repair and maintain your existing systems. We use industry leading equipment and technology to ensure you always get the best outcomes.

Fast Response Times

Recool Ltd respond quickly to your requests and can be with you within a very short period of time - we cover all of Ireland and are centrally located on the motorway network to get to you quickly.


Protect Our Environment

Finally, let the sun go down on Fossil Fuel Heating

Play your part in the call to reverse climate change by getting away from Fossil Fuel heating systems and enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient air to air heat pump system.

Not alone will you benefit from an almost 4 to 1 ratio of heating / cooling per kilowatt of energy consumed, but you will have both heating AND cooling at the touch of a button.

Most reputable Air to Air System manufacturers require a suitably qualified installer to install these systems.

Air to Air systems are specialized and expensive pieces of equipment that should give many years of service, provide they are installed correctly.

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Consultancy and Maintenance services